Carbon rich material

What is biochar?

Biochar is made by heating organic biomass feedstock at high temperatures, in a low oxygen environment - pyrolysis.

Types of feedstock includes horticulture wastes and food wastes.

Benefits of Biochar

A way to sequester carbon in the ground and help reduce carbon emissions, one of the key drivers of global warming.

Soil Fertility

The porous structure of biochar provides allows microorganisms to flourish, improving soil health and ecology.

Water Retention

Biochar’s porous structure aids in retaining water and water-soluble nutrients, thereby improving the soil’s ability to hold moisture.

Decreasing Soil Acidity

Incorporating biochar into acidic soil can reduce soil acidity for better crop production.

Carbon Sequestration

It's stable nature can stay in the soil for the long-term, sequestering carbon in the ground.


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