From wastes to resources

Flexible Pyrolysis Technology

Our Thermo Disintegration Waste to Resource technology (TDWR) allows the pyrolysis system to handle various types of wastes:

  • Biomass Wastes
  • Horticulture Wastes
  • Food Wastes
  • Plastic Wastes (PE & PP)

Wastes are transferred into a reactor chamber that is heated up to a temperature of about 900- 1000ºC, where it is thermally broken down into its chemical constituents, generating biochar, electricity and syngas in the process.

Carbon Sequestration


After the waste treatment process, waste feedstocks are disintegrated, leaving behind char. When organic feedstock is used, biochar is produced, which can be used to improve soil fertility and water filtration.

Green energy


With our system, electricity generated is redistributed back to the grid.

Clean fuel


The primary output of our waste treatment process is synthesis gas. Also known as syngas, it comprises of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Syngas is used as feedstock in making synthetic chemicals

Who We Are


To manage wastes in a sustainable manner, achieving carbon neutrality, in support of Singapore’s committment to the Paris Agreement.